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Web Based Solutions

The concept of web based systems makes use of the internet in place of local networking, making it much easier to budget for hardware purchase and maintenance costs, which on top of the free software meaning that only training and implementation costs need to be funded.

All that is needed is a computer, PDA or mobile phone that will support a browser, so that the systems will run exactly the same on a Mac as a PC. Of necessity the software has been designed from the ground up to be web based, rather than it being adapted later in it’s development, making it much more efficient as a web solution.

Web based systems are ideal for companies that may have a considerable occasional change of requirements.

As it does not depend on an internal computer network, there is no need to restrict multiple users or multiple locations. Staff can work from home when required without preparation, particularly useful when there is no opportunity to plan for personal problems or even weather conditions.

A further benefit to such businesses is that any mobile staff, off-site visiting customers or suppliers, potential or current, have the facility to view the key accounting information for each partner.

Additionally professional services from accountants and consultants can be applied to the live data ensuring that management accounting information is the same as the working version, which is often not the situation when an accountant produces separate management accounts based on the working data but with adjustments made that may not be entered against the working data.