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A.T.Computing - webERP

A.T. Computing Services Ltd has chosen webERP as its preferred solution for clients needing an accounting solution as it is in line with their open source and web based principlals

An accounting system, more than any other system, needs to be reliable. The webERP code has been extensively peer reviewed but more importantly extensively tested in the field. The result is rock solid stability and a program that does exactly as it is supposed to.

webERP is a fully functional accounting system.

webERP is multi-currency and copes with multiple locations and tax rates.

By being web based it is accessable by all staff whether they are on site, on the road or working from home.

The emphasis is on practical features that businesses really need.

webERP has a wide variety of features suitable for managing businesses of many differing forms. From the face of a simple menu structure, complex business processes are easily accessible - such as multiple inventory locations, multiple currencies, lot and serial number tracking of inventory.