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Customer Relationship Management

Managing Leads (Suspects), Potentials (Prospects) and Accounts (Customers).

vtiger allows a Lead to be entered and activity recorded as it progresses through being a Lead, a Potential and then an Account, or entered at the relevant starting stage for that contact.

Contact information can be added as it becomes available.

Facilities are included to de-duplicate the data according to run time defineable parameters.

Leads can be allocated to individuals or groups for following up and performance reporting.

Details can be entered live when in contact with a Lead etc. or can be imported from a csv file produced elsewhere or from purchased data.

Mailshots or emails can be generated from the Leads etc. as required.

Managing Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices.

Once a Lead has progressed to being an Account, a Quote can be produced using information held on he Price Book and Associated Products, which can then be updated to being a Sales Order and then finally an Invoice.

VAT is calculated at the applicable rate as required.

Managing Campaigns

can be managed and the efficiency and ROI of campaigns can be monitored as reports or as graphical images.

Managing Tickets

can be raised for Customer Reported Problems, and then monitored and progressed and completed.

Tickets can be entered by Customers directly onto vtiger using the customer portal for qualifying customers.

Managing Workflow

vtiger CRM Workflow Management
helps you to streamline critical business processes in your company.

Administrators can create simple, cascading (built upon each other) workflows using the Workflow Manager.

Management benefits

In addition to the marketing, sales and support activities, vtiger CRM offers collaborative capabilities to manage emails within vtiger CRM.

With vtiger CRM you can streamline your teamwork, through more efficient communication with employees and customers.