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A.T. Computing Services Ltd

Vertical Markets - Exhibitors

The fact that the solutions that we offer are Web Based makes them ideal for use at exhibitions using either wi-fi or 3G dongles.

Depending on the nature of the exhibitor's business either webERP or vtiger can offer the perfect solution.

webERP can be used by exhibitors selling product and will keep up to date stock information that can be accessed by other staff.
Consequently stock replenishment can be managed outside the exhibition and delivered when required.
Customer history, if relevant can be available from earlier exhibitions by continuing the use from one exhibition to another.

vtiger can be used by exhibitors prospecting for customers. Once again the history can be viewed for contacts by anyone using the system and can then be analysed for further use outside the exhibition.
If vtiger is used between exhibitions all the relevant information for a prospect is always available.

Because both webERP and vtiger are open source there is no cost incurred in having more users online, making them ideal for a company that may need to significantly increase its requirements temporarily.

A.T. can arrange to supply laptops routers and 3G dongles if required either to buy, or rent for the duration of an exhibition.