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Vertical Markets - Marketing

vtiger CRM enables the sales staff to share information about sales potentials, contacts, etc. and to follow status changes at any time.

Among other things it helps to increase the turnover of existing clients, allows to create forecasts, monitor sales activities, manage quotes and orders, work while on the move and more.

Potential Management helps you to optimize your sales processes.

Create accurate forecasts based on sales data in vtiger CRM for your team or individual sales representatives.

With the Quote and Service Contract Management in vtiger CRM, you create accurate quotes, based on individual line items. Various currencies are supported as well as different tax rates. You can of course use existing offers as templates for new ones.

Manage your leads or assign leads to individual employees and monitor the ROI of your campaigns.

With Marketing Reports you are able to analyse the effectiveness of campaigns in relation to budget, distribution channel, margins, etc., to get a complete overview of your campaigns.

All data is consolidated automatically, providing managers with all the information required to optimize the performance of their department.

With vtiger CRM Marketing Reports, you can measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, in terms of quotations or potentials generated

This way managers obtain a complete overview of their marketing campaigns, compared to budget, distribution channel or expected results, and their impact on the sales processes.

Through a better understanding of your customers, you can expand existing customer relationships and establish new ones selectively.

The result is higher customer satisfaction.

Because vtiger is open source there is no cost incurred in adding more users online